Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ben in Moose Factory

Ben is in Moose Factory for 4 weeks. I thought I could revive our old blog to put up some pictures. All captions are by me (Julia). Points to any and all of you who come up with better captions.

See the helicopter landing behind me? I'm going to go on that now just to cross the river. I also have my Canada Goose jacket on so I am toasty warm in all this snow!

I thought I'd pick up some bananas and tripped over some snowmobiles in the grocery store.

I've never been in a helicopter before, and now I've gone for 4 rides! I'm off to Kashechewan for some ├╝ber-rural family medicine!

You can see (some of) the town of Moose Factory Below. and the old Church surrounded by the graveyard.

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