Thursday, May 24, 2007

psssst..... I'm in.........

So, after much, much, much waiting, I've received word, and I'm going to be in the UBC island medical program starting at the end of August. Finally, I've crested to the top of this first mountain (but I have the feeling there's a bigger range coming up...). I also was accepted at Queens and UWO - Kingston & London, Ontario, but we feel that the Victoria program has the benefits of Kingston, London and Vancouver all rolled into one package. This past weekend, we headed up to the southern okanagan with some friends, giving us lots of time to talk it over both with each other on the drive, and with our friends. With the plus of being closer to family and friends, and having pretty much the best weather available, we finally decided to go for UBC's program in Victoria. The acceptance was specific to the island site, and the island program will make things a bit more complicated for us, as the first 4 months are in Vancouver and the rest is in Victoria. This means that we may well have 2 moves coming up to look forward to. That, in and of itself, was almost enough to make me want to move out to Ontario, but it is only a few months of pain to pay for 4 more years of island living. Nazukashi!

It's funny, the experience of preparing, applying & interviewing to get into med school involves a lot of talking with almost anyone you know, and after all this, finally getting in, I feel like I have almost nothing to say. (You're asked about why you want to do it, what you've done, what you want to study, where you want to study, and what you think about this strange rash that just appeared last week. That last one always brings a smile to my face - especially given how often it's come up.) Anyway, it is nice to have all the speculative talk about '*if* I get in' over with. Now all I need to do is hunker down and let gravity carry me down to the beginning of the next mountain.

If any of you happen to know a house that needs to be 'sat', or a suite that would be perfect to rent out for a short term (Aug or late Aug to Dec) in the UBC or surrounding area, don't hesitate to let us know (it'll be a challenge to find something for that short a period, I'm sure).

That's the end of this adventure for now. Tscheus!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers Day

We've had a lovely weekend. The fun started on Saturday with morning petticures at Petticoat Junction in Ft. Langley. Racheal and I got to spoil Mom M. and surprised her with a relaxing hour petticure, and so of course, we had to indulge also!
Then Sunday for lunch we took Mom U. out to a wedding reception place in Surrey that had a wonderful buffet, including an omlet bar, and chocolate fountain! So good. Afterword, we went back to Beth's house to find a fire engin in front of their house! A car across the street had been stolen, stripped, and set on fire! We got there just as the firemen were packing up their hoses. Beth and Devnin have a fire hydrant infront of their house, and Dad had parked in front of it (like, how often do you actually need a fire hydrant over lunch!) so they firement used the water in the truck's tank, and then filled it up again afterword, so we got to see that too. We chatted with the firement for a while, then went in to relax for a while. Watching the firetruck in front of Beth and Devin's houseBen and Dad looking in the now flooded car.
Mom talking with the Firemen

In other news, we're still waiting for news from Med schools, although they send out info on Tuesday, so we should know really soon! We've played every possibility over in our heads, every option on living, how we would move, but it doesn't do any good until we know where he's got in! It seems strange that we will eventually know.