Monday, September 22, 2008

Top Ten Reasons To Be Us

Since we have to blog a bunch for school now, I came across my blog, and saw how sad and lonely it is. Poor ignored, starved blog. If my blog was one of those little electronic pets, it would have beeped it's last beep long ago.

The Top Ten reasons to be Ben and Julia right now:
  • We are rocking the rock climbing! We've been climbing outside and inside. Our biceps are getting huge!
  • Victoria doesn't drizzle for days and weeks on end. When it rains, the wind pushes the clouds away, and the sun come back out to play.
  • We went back to church after 6 months of business, and the pastor remembered us by name. It's good to go where somebody knows your name. Cheers!
  • We have a hot tub in our apartment basement, so our friends visit it, I mean us.
  • We see and talk to our friends, so they don't have to depend on this blog to know we're still alive.
  • We found a kick-ass sale on shoes, and so we're walking pretty.
  • We're both so busy that when we sit and talk, we have lots to talk about with each other.
  • Julia found a new place to go for High Tea! in an Art Gallery!!
  • Victoria has many food festivals. So far we've enjoyed a TEA, CHOCOLATE, and a BEER festival.
  • We think that we're super cool.


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